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What is EFTS?

EFTS is an online billing system for interlibrary loan (ILL) transactions that collects an ILL charge from a borrowing library, on behalf of the lending library, and pays it to the lender, less a 10% transaction fee.

  • Participating libraries are able to exchange funds for the payment of ILLs instead of creating their own invoices and writing checks to each other.
  • EFTS only processes the financial component of ILL transactions between a borrower and a lender, using ILL transaction information provided to EFTS by the lender.
  • The National Library of Medicine (NLM) DOCLINE platform is the preferred service to match a lender with a borrower.
  • The fulfillment of the ILL by the lender is managed outside of EFTS and DOCLINE, by the lender.

EFTS welcomes libraries with an active DOCLINE registration (LIBid).
For more information on EFTS, please view the MLA EFTS information page.

Launch of EFTS powered by MLA

MLA is collaborating with the University of Connecticut Health Center (UCHC) and NLM to transition EFTS currently operated by UCHC to the new MLA EFTS.
For a detailed timeline of the launch of EFTS powered by MLA, please view the transition timeline page.

The fund transfer from UCHC to MLA is still in process. EFTS is unable to process new transactions until the funds have been received by MLA, and we ensure that starting balances are all verified.

Date Key Transition Actions
June 15 MLA EFTS Go-Live 1: Users who signed up with MLA EFTS start their configuration on the new platform (previously, June 1)
June 30 All existing EFTS libraries must act on or before this date to access DOCLINE request billing data, regardless of future EFTS participation. Capture requests for libraries that will no longer participate in EFTS, or before the EFTS Report menu option is hidden from your view due to changed participation status.
June 30 Last transaction day for ALL users of current EFTS; transactions need to be processed by July 9 on UCHC EFTS (previously, May 31)
July 1 DOCLINE resets all EFTS Participant Indicators to reflect participation in the MLA EFTS platform (previously, June 1)
July 24 Last day for libraries to settle any negative balances on UCHC EFTS (previously, June 25)
July 30 UCHC transfers library participant funds to MLA (for libraries who have requested it in the MLA User Agreement); MLA posts those amounts onto the MLA EFTS library accounts (previously, June 30)
Aug 31 MLA EFTS Go-Live 2: Users who are signed up with MLA EFTS can upload interlibrary loan (ILL) transactions, which includes July transactions (previously, July 15)

Access to EFTS

Status Action
My library has an “active” status Proceed to login
My library has a "registration in process" status Proceed to login
My library is "not registered" Contact your ILL manager or library director to request an MLA User Agreement (note - a USA 275 activation fee is charged for all new EFTS accounts)
I don't know the status of my library Check the EFTS current status of all DOCLINE libraries
I don't know my login Log into EFTS using your MLANET login. If you do not have an MLANET login or have trouble login in, please contact EFTS customer support.